Image result for instrument silhouette Worship Teams

Our church has been blessed with musicians and singers whose focus is directing all worship to God and not to themselves. Paul admonishes us to speak “to yourselves in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs”.  Psalms and hymns include the classic, traditional songs whereas spiritual songs would include modern, contemporary music. We enjoy both.  We love upbeat praise music along with slower, worship songs.   It’s all good when it focuses our attention on Jesus and blesses His heart.

Image result for children silhouette  Children & Teen Christian Education

We know the importance of passing the kingdom’s baton successfully to the next generation.  We acknowledge that this training is first and foremost the responsiblity of the parent(s), but we are priviledge to come along side families to assist their training.  We offer a Children’s Church during our Sunday morning service, a nursery, as well as Wednesday classes.  


Man celebrating silhouette Transparent PNG  Adult Christian Education

Want to receive a fluffy, unispired, self-centered lesson that stiffles any spiritual growth?  Then you’ve come to the wrong place. (lol)  At Columbiaville A/G we desire to learn God’s truth no matter how difficult and challenging it may be.  Most people want a power encounter.  We want one too.  But before you can have a power encounter, the Bible says you must have a truth encounter.  John 8:32 says “and you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  Come and hear the truth so that freedom, liberty, and healing can follow.

Image result for young adult silhouette  Young Adult Fellowship

Young adults meet every other week to learn Christian instruction relevant to their stage in life.   Coaching, eating, and fellowship are a great combination for this age group.

Related image  21st Century Technology

This isn’t necessarily a “ministry”, but we would like to point out our desire to connect to millenials as well as to an older population.   Media can change, but the Messsage does not.  The message that Jesus saves does not change, but how we share that message can.  We have spent the last several years bringing our small, village church into the 21st century with technology and building improvements such as: an electic keyboard, projection system, upgraded sound system that is controlled by an ipad, an enlarged foyer area for meeting together, a coffee area, and replacing the pews with stackable, moveable chairs.  We have 2 millenials heaidng up our social media effort to better reach our community and beyond.  Technology is our friend and not our foe.
Image result for dining table silhouette  Women’s Ministry
Our ladies gather monthly for dinner and a lesson.  They volunteer to handle things that only an army of inspired ladies could do.  Come and connect.

Image result for spanish mission station silhouette  Missions

We support missionaries on a regular basis and enjoy having them share with us.  We’ve financed the building of several churches overseas, and encouraged our members to take missions trips to share the gospel with the lost.  Each year we discover that we give a tithe (10%) or more of our disposable income to missions.
 Image result for praying hands silhouette  AM Prayer
Every Thursday morning we gather in our church from 7:30 am to pray for our community for 1 hour.